Monday, June 30, 2008

Back to nature

Well, Andrew was clearly not impressed with my blog. That's fine. There is room in this world for people without a sense of humor. I'm sure that if he responded again he'd say something about me not having time to laugh when I'm burning in hell.

But he said that people can talk themselves into anything. I assume he meant that I could therefore talk myself out of belief (through reason and logic, of course). But I think it is important to point out that atheism (not my particular brand of atheism, perhaps, which has a touch of anti-religion mixed in) is the default position. Consider an infant or an animal, or even a person who has been brought up in a non-religious household. Or even one of the billions of people who have a religion that is different from your own. Clearly all humans start out as atheists. It is only through socialization and the adaptation of the religious beliefs of those around us that we pick up a specific pattern of belief.

And even if there is a gene that fosters religious/superstitious behavior, the direction that it goes depends greatly on the prevalent religion of the environment.

So there you go. People can talk themselves into anything. There is practically no end to the things that people can talk themselves into, in fact.

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