Friday, June 20, 2008

Everybody hurts

Bronwen and I recently found a DVD of REM music videos in an antique store. Normally we aren't into music video DVDs, especially when they are all by one artist. Listening to a CD is one thing, but watching thirty minutes of videos is a little impractical. But it cost $3, so it was worth the trouble. And as we watched a few items from it last night, I was struck, as I often am, at how amazing Everybody Hurts is.

I know that it is a bit overplayed and has become, over its 16 year lifespan (16 years! Can you believe it?) a bit of a cliche. Nevertheless, the song is undeniably powerful. I used to dislike it because I wanted to be depressed. It is just impossible to be depressed after hearing that song. It is so gentle and kind, but uplifting and positive without being irrational or unrealistic. It should be used for treatment of depression - write a perscription: Automatic For The People, track four.

Everybody hurts, the song goes. You feel like you're alone. No, no no - you're not alone.

It is absolutely sublime.

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