Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fast times in Raleigh

I have been quite busy here in my new home. I have not had much time to go online or do much writing. I went straight into work, in fact, and many boxes are still sealed up. I would like to have everything (or most everything, anyway) unpacked and ready to use by the end of the week, but I have to wonder if that will happen. I also need to get a new driver's license. I also need to find some way to cancel my (unsupported) T-Mobile phone and get a different provider. Hopefully I can do that without incurring too many fees. I also want to get a new car, since my current one is a complete piece of shit that I will be only too happy to see pushed off of a cliff.

So it looks like I'll be pretty busy for the foreseeable future. I don't know how much writing I'll get to. I would like to point out, however, that there are a lot of churches here. Christianity is fairly ubiquitous. Not that Orlando wasn't religious, but by this standard, Orlando seems like Stockholm. Which is fine. Everybody is extremely nice and generous; it would be a mistake to equate the two, however. These people are so kind and hospitable that it would be a complete insult (not to mention a logical misstep) to say that they are kind because they are so religious.

Nevertheless, religion plays a very important role here. I find myself holding my atheist cards close to my chest - I don't want to alienate myself so early in the game.

Other than that, I have very little to complain about. I have found this area (I don't actually live in Raleigh - I live a few miles north in a town called Wake Forest) to be absolutely stunning and beautiful. Even the churches are adorable and look like they fell straight out of Currier & Ives. I am extremely happy to be here.

I do have a sister blog to chronicle my transition into Raleigh that I maintain with my wife. If you are interested, please check out North by North Carolina. The same issues with free time that keep this blog from daily updates exist there as well, so it may not be updated too often, but we will do our best!

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ddjango said...

We have to stop meeting this way.

I left a note on your board at AN.

I also added your blog to my Atheism blogroll at P! How about a reciprocal link? Please? Please?

Be careful locally. Those folks are so damn friendly because they want your soul! Sooner or later, one of them will try to get you to join their church. Let me know if they try to abduct you.

Like your blog.

Be at peace.