Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ray comfort is silly

I am trying to keep an open mind. That does not mean I am unsure about what I believe, but it means that I don't want to become so insulated from opposing views that I don't know what is going on in the world. In this case, 'the world' is 'blogs' (I refuse to use the term 'blogosphere').

So I have checked in to Ray Comfort's blog and added it to my reader. I don't know how long it will last. I only made it through the introduction, where he lists his rules. I should have a list of rules, which may have prevented the meltdown we had over the weekend, and I will also say that anyone is perfectly justified to list whatever rules they like. The only harm that could possibly be done is to push readers away.

But there was one rule on Ray Comfort's blog that was simultaneously infuriating and hilarious: "...but keep in mind that comments that... fail to give the name “God” or “Jesus” capitals, will be automatically deleted."

As I said, it's his blog and he calls the shots. But that just seems awfully petty. No reason I can't dance naked in my own living room though: please notice that jesus christ and god are not capitalized. But I generally do capitalize Jesus, although I rarely capitalize god. Why? Because I try to obey the laws of grammar. Proper names get capital letters. Meaningless labels (the lord), generic terms (god) and articles (his and him) have no need for extra respect.


Darla said...

Hehe...I do the same thing...Jebus and gosh.
I only capitalize god when it comes at the beginning of a sentence. I didn't really put rules, only a warning that I don't read incoherent rants and will delete them. BTW..I feel loved. Hurrah Atheist Nexus!

jaap said...

Does he want you to write "Zeus is a God and Eris is a Goddess" or "Zeus was a God and Eris was a Goddess?" Does he ban people for pulling punctuation out of quotation marks?

Buffy said...

Isn't it funny how the fundies demand so much respect for themselves and their beliefs,yet show so little for others. Capitalize these words, put our beliefs on a pedestal, bow down to us and our god (oops, God), etc,etc, etc.

But when they refer to same-sex unions it's always "marriage" (because it's not a real marriage you know), and they throw in plenty of invectives. Atheists are incapable of being moral because they don't believe in God or the Bible. Everybody but them worships a "false god" (that's when it's OK to not capitalize god).

BTW, I notice my spellchecker doesn't mind if I don't capitalize god, but it flags Satan if I don't capitalize it. Fancy that.