Monday, August 4, 2008

Ray Comfort doesn't know me as well as he seems to think he does

Is it even worth the time to post responses to Ray Comfort's blog? Probably not, but this post mentioned a commonly circulated thought about atheists: specifically that 'in their hearts, atheists really do believe in god; they are just rebelling.'

Mr Comfort does go a step beyond that, however, by explaining how he knows: "I know what the atheist knows because God’s Word tells me that He has given light to every man. He cannot plead ignorance." How great. He knows because the bible tells him so. He knows that slavery is right and that the earth was created in six days by that same logic.

As I said, it isn't really worth the trouble to go into a full rant against the fool, but I wanted to point out that I - and all atheists like me - do not believe in god. Not out of rebellion, but out of logic. To insist that we do believe is insulting and blind. To say that we believe because your magic book tells you so is foolish.

I shouldn't be surprised, but somehow I am.

Ray Comfort is an idiot.

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