Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jesus? Point/ Counterpoint

I've been watching a YouTube series of a debate between Hitchens and D'Souza - it must be the 50th such debate and I have to wonder if they just carpool now. Anyway, this particular 10 minute segment is not a part of the actual debate topic (Is religion, correct or not, good or bad for society?) but is the first part of the Q&A.

The question, posed by the moderator, whose name I did not bother to remember, concerns the historicity of Jesus. And D'Souza completely fails on every point. He makes large, gaping assumptions and does not bother justifying or clarifying them. In a way, it does not really matter what Hitchens says next, because D'Souza did such a bad job.

Hitchens does respond - first line is fantastic: "That was terrible, Dinesh."

The first video in this debate can be found here.

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