Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin, Republican

What the fuck? The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is lipstick. Great.

I really wanted to watch this speech and hear what this potential Vice President, potential President even, has to say. But I had to change the channel. I just dislike Republicans. Is this what Democrats look like to them? When rich jocks and blonde Stepford Wives watched the DNC, did they have the same unsettled, upset stomach that I have now? Did they suddenly dislike and distrust half of America? And is this what it comes to? As Homer Simpson explained to Marge, there are two kinds of people: jocks and nerds. Was he right?

McCain isn't so bad. I know, I know - he is a third term for Bush, he voted with the president 95% of the time (even to me, a Republican-hating Democrat, that statistic seems a bit false and misleading) and has shed a great deal of his so-called maverick skin. Nevertheless, as with Obama's election cycle shenanigans, I have to hope that he would be an honest and reasonable president. I would trust McCain.

I would not trust Palin. I would like to discuss some policy issues of hers, or even discuss her politics, but as I said, I changed the channel. There were too many mentions of PTAs and hockey moms and sons named Track (are you kidding me? - Sorry, Track. You may be a great guy and here I am mocking you. I won't do that again). Truth be told, it must be hard to be in her shoes - I can't say I sympathize much, because she could very easily be a good person with easier shoes to fill. But she has to prove to her base that she is a good mother. Hillary Clinton, I should point out, was rarely framed as a mother. Sure, we know she was a mother, and we have to assume she was a reasonably good one, since Chelse seems to be an intelligent and balanced individual. But it never came up because it does not matter if she was a good mother. She was running to be our president, not our babysitter. I digress. Ms Palin does have to prove herself. She has to prove herself - not as a politician, but as a hockey mom. As evil as Republicans are, they have intense requirements.

But what are they? What makes someone a Republican, someone proud to say that they voted for G.W. Bush? Is it the money? Is it the Bible thing? Those I understand - I hope there is a different reason. So here's the deal: I doubt I have many readers, and of those I'm sure even fewer are Republicans, but if there are any, I want to know why. But I only want to know if the reason is not based on pro life/pro choice, gay marriage, keeping 'In God We Trust' on the money or any other religious-based reason or on tax breaks. So please, if you are a Republican and plan to vote McCain/Palin this November, please tell me why.

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The Amiable Atheist said...

you know, i've been wondering the same thing myself lately.

i think about people with lousy health insurance and not enough money to send their kids to school. why are they voting republican? family tradition? religion? only seeing one side of the story on the news?