Thursday, October 16, 2008

And to nobody's surprise...

Governor Palin used public funds to promote her religion! The full Newsweek article is here (thanks to Atheist Revolution for the story). I can't say that this is much of a surprise, but it shocks me a little bit that no one discussed thi with her - you know, things that you can and cannot do with public money. So instead of merely being a poor choice for vice president, she is also a generally bad governor. What with her abuses of power and misuse of funds (both state and federal) she is just kind of a bad person. Although I have no doubt she's an excellent hockey mom.

There is certainly room for exception to the rule, but it seems that when Republican politicians fail, it is for an abuse of power or money. When Democrats fail, it is for some sort of sexual dalliance. I guess this has something to do with their constituents. If I heard that Sarah Palin had an affair, it would not mean anything to me.

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