Monday, October 20, 2008

Battleground, NC

This election is very exciting for me because I face the very real prospect of voting for the winning presidential candidate for the first time in my voting life (I voted for Dole in '96 - it seems so long ago!). I also have the privilege of putting my support behind Kay Hagan, the Democratic nominee for the North Carolina Senate seat, who is running against, funnily enough, Elizabeth Dole. The fight is as ugly as any this year, but in this case there is something more. Hagan has made the unfortunate blunder of - gasp! - associating with atheists. She isn't an atheist, of course - the race would never be this close if she was - but she attended a fundraiser held by an atheist. And so Dole has jumped on this, using me and every other atheist to tar and feather her opponent.

This is beyond politics, beyond taxes. With this ad (which is not the first to do this, I imagine) she has proven that she considers me to be a second-class citizen.

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Fourstorymistake said...

I must admit, the music totally cracks me up. It's so tragic-sounding.