Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The internet comes to me

My RSS reader (I use Google Reader) is jam-packed with blogs. So everything I want to read comes to me. In addition to the standard atheist blogs (Pharyngula, Friendly Atheist and the Atheist Media Blog) I also subscribe to about twenty or so smaller blogs. I also subscribe to the Onion AV Club and Slate feeds. I get a lot of info that pours through my reader. I don't always read everything in detail, but I get the gist of most of it.

And so I am rarely at a complete loss of reading material. But when I am, when I am bored and my reader has no unread items, I feel disoriented and lost. Where can I go when I need something to read? The internet comes to me! I don't know where to look anymore.

If anyone has a blog or online magazine that they enjoy reading, please pass it along to me. I am sure I would love to read it.


ddjango said...

Well, you can always drop by place and buy a book (you remember those silly old analog things, right?) through my Amazon Store.

I monitor, at last count, 38 feeds in my GR - I always have unread items. But, then again, I'm crazy.

Heather McIntosh said...

I'm kinda jealous. I have 426 subscriptions, and I keep getting more from their recommendation engine! I recently set up 5 different levels so I can at least get to my favorites.

alcyone said... of course