Friday, October 10, 2008

Stellar truths

Thank goodness for facts. During the second Presidential Debate earlier this week, McCain said something that interested me. He made use of a previously unknown bit of "information" and announced that among his orgy of earmarks, Obama had requested $3 million for an overhead projector. How absurd! And to a public who has no trust of politicians, this sounds about right.

Too bad for McCain that Obama's overhead projector was a little more complicated than a lightbulb and a few mirrors. It turns out that the 'overhead projector' is an extremely expensive monster of a machine that is a part of the Adler Planetarium. In fact, the 95-year-old machine requires significantly more than $3 million to repair. If you feeling like picking up where Obama's 'pork' left off, I'm sure the planetarium could use some help.

Now if only there were some facts regarding Obama's 'friendship' with William Ayers.

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