Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Here in the middle of it all

I'm sitting in the ballroom at the Raleigh Marriott City Center where the NC Democratic Party is holding their 'Victory Party' for Bev Perdue. The polls are too close to tell at the moment, but I'll keep up the optimism.

It is really very exciting to be in a room full of press and security. I feel like I'm in the middle of the party. If I am able, I'll do some live blogging - no promises, because I'm not sure how much free time I'll actually have.

I am on pins and needles right now, hoping that I won't be looking for housing in Canada tomorrow.

The first wave of preliminary results are in - 0% of precincts reporting, according to CNN, so I'm not sure where they get their numbers - exit polls, probably. And, as I had expected, they heavily favor McCain, since they're all in Kentucky. Although I was expecting to see this, it was still a little discouraging. No need to give up the slightest bit of optimism.

Next wave in. Indiana is looking hopeful. This is, of course, the first 'Red' state that might turn 'Blue,' so it will certainly be close whatever happens. At the moment, which right now is everything, Obama is ahead by 2 points.

Everything is too close to call right now. McCain has Kentucky and Obama has Vermont. I had a 'thank you for voting' coffee from Starbucks a little bit ago, and the caffeine, coupled with the excitement/tension in the room is turning me into a quivering mess.

Well, CNN just called South Carolina for McCain with 0% of precincts reporting in. Another foregone conclusion, but still disheartening to see McCain with 16 points over Obama's 3. However, I am looking at the returns for North Carolina and see that, with 2% reporting, Obama is ahead of McCain, 55% to 43%.
Too much coffee and water. And there's bluegrass and crowd noises filling the room. I feel strangely like a real journalist, or even a gonzo journalist. Unlike H.S. Thompson, however, I'm not high - I just need to pee!

More results in from NC show Obama holding his lead. The crowd here went crazy when the numbers hit the big screen. Very, very exciting!

As we wait for the next round of results to come in, CNN has been playing a crawl of projected and confirmed results. The crowd cheers each and every time they see a Democratic winner. It reminds me of a Nascar race - the crowd goes nuts when their car flies by. It's not a big deal, but it's a reflection of the combination of excitement and boredom that is election night.

It's too late now, but I see that I have made a mistake - not a huge one, perhaps - with my choice of profession. This pseudo reporting reminds me of what I had originally intended for myself. I'm happy enough with my job, but I'd prefer to be a reporter I think.

Kay Hagan is projected to defeat Elizabeth Dole. Suck it!

CNN projects Ohio for Obama. They cannot see how McCain can win without Ohio, even if he wins te rest of the country (save California, Washington and Oregon). Looking good! I've always wondered what it felt like to be on the winning side (persecution complex?). It feels good. Really, really good!

Not much to report. Sorry I haven't kept up too well, but the excitement gets kind of numbing after a while. It seems that we're on the brink though.

Everybody wins!!!
I almost cried!

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