Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm sorry I didn't register my indignation in corporeal form

I had to work yesterday. That's why I didn't go out to protest the passage of Prop 8. Also it was a shitty day outside. There are plenty of excuses (although I really did have to work) I could give, but the bottom line is that I don't see the benefit of protesting. I try - I really d0 - because it seems such an integral part of our nation's freedom and democratic process. Throughout history, things have changed, policy has shifted, seemingly because of protests. But still I can't understand it. The people who passed this law (Mormons, Christians and bigots) were motivated to vote by their religion, not by practicality or fairness; seeing large masses of people - who they just voted to strip of rights and probably don't respect - won't change anyone's mind. And maybe that's just another excuse. Maybe I just don't like to protest. The thought of standing on the street corner, holding signs and shouting things does not appeal to my sense of fun or function.

God - am I really that lazy and self-absorbed? Hopefully I don't have to give up my Liberal card for failing to be a sign-toting activist. I still do not recognize the utility or merit of such a protest, although I am open to hearing a dissenting view. Please - change my mind; tell me why I should participate in the next protest that I agree with.

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