Friday, November 7, 2008

Scrooge McAtheist

There is a very interesting new article in Slate this morning about the correlation between religion and 'niceness.' It echoes something that Bronwen and I have been thinking about lately; specifically, that a church community is an incredibly valuable tool for meeting people in a new place. We have been in Raleigh since mid-July and have yet to make anything resembling a friend. We realized that for many people - most people, even - there are places where relationships are forged that don't apply to us: school (we aren't in school), work (she works from home, I don't particularly like my coworkers), at kid's events such as soccer practice or PTA meetings (we don't have kids, don't want kids) and, most importantly, at church.

I don't expect that we'll be friendless forever, or even for another year. But a church community is something that I miss, if only in theory. Don't get your hopes up, you Christians who pray for my heart to be filled once again with the Holy Spirit. I'm not about to go to church and I don't remotely want to. I just recognize how convenient and valuable a church community can be. We just need to find a bridge club. And then learn how to play bridge.


alcyone said...

Better than bridge? I'm not familiar with that group specifically, but I've made a lot of friends through a similar one where I am. Good luck. :)

Heather McIntosh said...