Sunday, December 7, 2008

Infamy and ennui

I hate Sundays. I hate how inconvenient they can be. I happen to have the day off, as I often do because there is usually no business on Sundays. So here I am with the rest of the world - rest of the United States, at least - off of work on a half day. It's like a cruel joke, a strange Catch-22. Sure, there are still 24 hours every Sunday, but here stores are open until 6 instead of 9. The liquor store is closed. The world just gives up and sleeps in because there is little else to do.

The Japanese certainly knew what it was doing to attack Pearl Harbor on a Sunday. If they had attacked on a Monday or Tuesday, the entire naval base would have been on high alert. But on Sunday, no one was even up.

In my grand vision of the future, there are no Sundays, no weekends. All days of the week are equal. Sure, we still get two days off - or better yet, work four ten-hour days and get three off - but not based on the weekend. This way the working world does not grind to a halt every five days and leisure activities are not overcrowded on any particular day. In this Orwellian plan, other 'unnecessary' things are eliminated as well - I doubt anyone would vote for me.

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