Friday, February 27, 2009

The UN wants you to shut up now, please

So... the United Nations is trying to pass a Binding Resolution that would compel member nations to pass laws making blasphemy and criticism of religion illegal. Generally I am a fan of the UN. They always seem to be like the diminutive hall monitors trying to regulate a stampede of bullies. But here, I believe, they have made a truly stupid move. I'm not terribly worried that we, as Americans, will lose any rights. I believe that, in ten years, I'll still be able to call Islam a religion of hate and violence and Christianity a religion of ignorance and greed (to be fair I had to divide those things up - in reality, both Christianity and Islam are hateful, violent, greedy and ignorant) without fear of being locked up. Because even if the UN passes this resolution, I have little doubt that the United States would flatly ignore the law, as it is obviously unconstitutional. What does worry me, however, is the implication of such an action. I'm not too familiar with UN and US relations, so I don't know if there are any major resolutions that the US has ignored. But if this should set a precedent, then the UN would become even weaker and its central mission would be compromised. In general, I believe that the UN plays a vital role in world politics. It provides basic groundwork and language for all nations to interact with.

Of course, this may be groundless worry. I freely admit that I know far less than I should about UN policies, about the history of resolutions, and about the influence that the body holds in the world.

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