Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kids with guns and Bibles

This video has been making the rounds this morning, partly because it's relatively surprising, partly because it's confusing. Observe:

Yes, that's great. What does it mean? Is that kid an atheist who doesn't care about your life because nothing matters/everything is permitted/etc? If that's all this is, then its logic is remarkably sloppy. So often you hear Christians ask why we atheists don't just go around stealing and killing and raping (always with the raping!) if there isn't a God to answer to. And, as always, the question reveals more about the one posing it. Is that what Christians would do if they realized that God did not exist? Likewise, is the director of this short video expressing some subconscious desire to shoot people in the face?

Maybe the video is trying to put you in the moment of your death so that you can imagine what will happen when you get to heaven and finally meet the mythological gatekeeper. They want you to think about how much it would suck if God did not exist and don't you want God to exist and care about you? In that case, it's just a bit of wishful thinking. Sloppy logic.

Or perhaps the kid is a Christian who, upon hearing that you (the viewer) are an atheist, decides to kill you because you just don't matter to God. Whatever the message is, I think it reflects the tone of the Bible fairly well: confusing yet heavy-handed and violent.

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