Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"That's how I was raised"

"That's how I was raised"

This is among the stupidest reasons anyone can give for anything they do. It shows a complete lack of initiative and character. I don't mean that people shouldn't do things that they were raised doing, or shouldn't believe what their parents believe, but it should never be the reason.

Now famously, Miss California made something of an ass of herself by publicly supporting bigotry. I understand that people might be upset that she holds such views, but since when does Blonde and Beautiful lead to thoughtful and progressive? It's truly unfortunate that she feels the way she does, but I'm glad that she was honest. I'm a little dismayed that people are treating the thing as though she broke some kind of rule. Isn't she allowed to answer honestly? At least now we know what kind of person she is. If Perez Hilton didn't want to hear the answer, why did he even ask the question?

Of course, none of this changes the fact that Miss California is a horrible person who, along with about half of the US Americans, believes that marriage should be exclusively between a man and a woman. Her reason? That's how she was raised.

If it weren't for the vapid answers these women give, I wonder if anyone would even know that the Miss USA pageant still existed.

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sunnyskeptic said...

When religionuts bother me about science, I tell them "Okay, I'll give you the christian answer. My parents believed in evolution, so I do, too."