Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here we go again!

I know that the health care debate in America is not exactly new, but I have, thus far, ignored it. I have ignored it to the benefit of my own mental health, in fact, because thinking about it sets me off, makes me angry. I'll get into more of this later, because I've recently seen red and the issue is now one that I am furious about. Again.

I watched a video of Bill Moyers Journal in which Bill Moyers interviews Wendell Potter, a former executive at CIGNA. The video can (and should) be watched here. In it, they discuss what is wrong with America's health care system and bring up several of the usual boogeymen, including "long lines" and "Socialism."

As I said, I'll discuss these things in later posts. For now, I just want to commemorate the time that I have spent not hating Republicans and conservatives. That time is over. Republicans are my enemy and "conservative" is, once again, pejorative. Game on, motherfuckers!

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stuart said...

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