Sunday, August 2, 2009

Organ Donors 4 Christ

I live in North Carolina and drive 15 miles to and from work (but only for one more day!), so I pass by quite a few churches every day. I don't pay much attention anymore, but one marquee caught my eye. It said something about organ donors. I'm not against churches really - in general, I think they can provide a measure of good for society. So when I read the sign that said "Become an organ donor..." I thought, good for them! But then I read the rest of the marquee. "Become an organ donor. Give your heart 2 Christ."

Ugh! What a gross misuse of the word! Organ donation is a vital mechanism in our shitty health care system. It actually saves lives. But Christ? He doesn't need your heart. It's a clever twist of the phrase, I guess, and not actually dangerous. But it trivializes something that is important. And I haven't the slightest clue what that church's policy on organ donation actually is. For all I know, they encourage it. I hope so.

Also - using numbers for homophonic words? Not cool. Ever!

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