Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Hate Sundays

I think it's safe to say that we all stereotype a bit, we all prejudge. Because, let's face it, they really are a time-saver. In a perfect world, we would get to know every person and form our opinion of them based on what we observe. But since that's never going to happen, and since stereotypes are right so much of the time, even the most fair-minded of us form opinions on little more than clothing choices and hairstyles.

I am sure that I make mistakes, and this is a problem for me because I am sure that I am being incorrectly judged myself. If I am at a grocery store on Sunday morning and I see someone in a shirt and tie, I assume that this person is on the way to or from some kind of church. It's a pretty safe bet, and one that is mostly harmless. So when I go to work on Sunday morning in my shirt and tie, I feel very self-conscious.

I certainly never go around telling people that I'm an atheist or correcting them when they say 'god bless you,' but I also like to be clear when the subject comes up. If I am a part of the atheist movement, then the least I can do to advance my cause is to represent godlessness honestly. So when I am seen at 7:00 am walking to my car wearing a tie, I feel a pang of guilt about the assumptions I've made of everyone else. And yet I'm probably right. I'm sure they're going to church!


miriamt said...

You wear a tie to work???? On Sunday????

emma wallace said...

You should get an earring and a tattoo. Then they'll know you're a heathen.