Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is that where Jesus would spend your money?

Warning: Harsh and profane language to follow...

First of all, watch this video. It'll get your blood boiling.


God-motherfucking-damn it! The Christ-eating Catholic fucking church spends half a million dollars just to sway public opinion. Why do I hate religion? This is fucking why. Because there is no reason at all to restrict gay marriage without religion. None. The weak bullshit excuses that it isn't normal or historical or natural are worthless. So "traditional marriage" is exclusively between one man and one woman? First of all, that's complete bullshit - historically speaking marriage has been between one man and dozens of women or girls. And in many places today it still is. But even if marriage had always been truly one man and one woman - so fucking what? Change the definition! It isn't hard to do. If King David had hundreds of wives (it was a different time, defenders say) then who's to say that today King David shouldn't have a husband too?

But there's no reasoning with them. Or with you, if any gay marriage opponents are reading this (doubtful). But if any Christians do read this, please tell me what reason you have for opposing gay marriage. And if it involves homosexuality being "an abomination" then you lose! Unless you own slaves and beat your children, in which case you're a good Christian. Keep up the good work, you good and faithful servant.

But aaaaarrgh! You fuckers! You know that you're on the wrong side of history, right? In fifty years when gay marriage is accepted you'll be looked on with revulsion and all of your good deeds will be marred by your work in this matter.

Assholes. You completely ruined my week!

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miriamt said...

This is just a step..a stupid one, for sure...on the way to equality. Remember, not too long ago these same types of people could give just as "solid" an argument why female and black americans shouldn't vote and why two people of different races, regardless of sexual preference, shouldn't marry. How strong is their voice now? They are fighting a losing battle...all a matter of time. Their loss is inevitable. That is a comfort anyway.