Friday, March 26, 2010

I Hate Social Conservatives!

In the past I have railed blindly against Republicans, seeing them as my de facto enemy. Some refinement is in order. It isn't Republicans that I hate, or even conservatives; what I hate are Social Conservatives. Perhaps even then I am painting with too broad a brush, but I think that my meaning is now clear. I hate what Social Conservatives in America stand for.

Generally speaking, they stand for diminished rights, although that is certainly not something that they would ever admit out loud - or maybe even to themselves. Diminished rights for women in the guise of giving rights to unborn fetuses. This is merely the tail end of a long, nasty fight for rights - voting rights, property rights, etc. Diminished rights for homosexuals - also at the tail end of a fight - for marriage rights, military service, Equal Opportunity Employment protection, all of which is done in the name of protecting families. Immigrants and (non-human) animals lose rights simply because they aren't American citizens.

The funny thing is that I think Social Conservatives imagine they are granting rights instead of denying them. Their priorities are just reversed from mine. Take health care reform as an example. They oppose universal health care because they don't like the idea of the government telling them that they have to have health care. So in a way, they are right - the government will diminish their right to be uninsured. They would prefer to have the power of health care rest with insurance providers rather than in the hands of the government. Perhaps they see insurance providers simply as hard-working American citizens. Perhaps they see the government as an evil Orwellian dictatorship. Clearly I do not understand their point of view.

I  tried to see things from their point of view for a while, but it just got frustrating. To me, Social Conservative positions are all dictated from religion. Perhaps it is a good thing. Maybe they are the brakes that keep Social Progressives from spiraling out of control into Utopian bliss. I joke, of course, because I can't see a single disadvantage to any one of my social perspectives. Nevertheless, I am sure that our different points of view help to keep our society balanced. And that's a good thing. Without that balance we might all believe in evolution and social justice. We might have universal health care and the metric system. We might not be engaged in pointless wars in the Middle East. We might even be living on the moon! Thank goodness for Social Conservatives.

I apologize for the poor organization of this piece. I really wanted to send out a tweet that said: "I detest social conservatives" but I didn't think that would be appropriate without some discussion. Consider this that discussion. I welcome all comments.


miriamt said...
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miriamt said...

I think that their very foundation is flawed. I still hear people apologizing for being a progressive. As though we are ashamed of the forward direction this implies. But I feel this is wrong! Life demands progress. The underdeveloped parts of the world are not suffering because they were too liberal and progressive, but because they have failed to progress! Why is there such a loud voice in America demanding not only that we stop the progress but that we, in fact, begin regress? Why are there ANY credence given to them?