Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Motivation from Dragon*Con

It is a common thing for people to go to conventions and conferences and be charged and motivated to change their life. I think of my youth and going to Christian 'revival' style multiplex conventions. I don't remember a single shred of substantive information from them, but I of course remember how excited I was to be a better person; or I think of the dozens upon dozens of motivational speakers I hear in my line of work at hotels. Clearly they are hoping that their audiences will take their messages into their next week. Well, about a day or two into my Dragon*Con experience I noticed that I was motivated to go home and watch more TV and to play more video games. I had a fantastic time this weekend and I fully intend to go back next year and to make it a regular event. Photos will be posted on my photo blog: NXNC.

Fortunately, I did find some actual motivation there as well: I was motivated to spend more time on my blog, and to spend more time on each entry. I know that my entries often come off poorly formed because I simply do not even read them over. So look for more regular and, hopefully, more carefully written entries. I will also roll out yet another redesign.

So I want to thank you for sticking with me so far and I hope that you will enjoy the new look, new content and new ideas.

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