Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Most Depressing Vote I Have Ever Cast

North Carolina has a constitutional amendment up for vote today. The amendment is twisted and loopy, but at its essence it defines marriage as between a man and a woman. As I said there are further, more complicated elements to the proposed law, but the point is to forbid same sex marriage.

I voted against the amendment, of course, but I took no pride in doing so. I sincerely hope that it is defeated, but only because its passage would be appalling. In truth, the electorate should not be allowed to vote on what rights certain groups have. "Hey, gays - we decided that you can join our club! Hooray for progress!"

I know that America (along with the rest of society) has a pretty awful record on this subject. America has withheld rights from non-whites and women. And now, despite some deep institutional disadvantages, the laws are basically even for women and minorities. Except for homosexuals, of course.

So this is silly on its face. It is clearly the last stages of legal bigotry and this law, even if it passes today, will be irrelevant and ruled unconstitutional in a few years. And that's the point - in a way I don't even care if the law passes because we don't get to make rules like this. We don't have the right to exclude people. Everyone is entitled to the same rights, regardless of what the laws say.

Sorry for the lack of posts and the general clumsiness of this one. You know how it goes.

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Elizabeth said...

Totally agree. Putting minority rights of any sort on a ballot is inherently anti-democratic. As of now, the polls have been closed three minutes. I gotta say, I'm dreading the results.