Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Abortion in cases of rape

I've said it before, but I think I'll just say it again. I'm not outraged by anti-choice/pro-life people denying abortion even in cases of rape (I'll just set aside incest as a reasonable condition, since it would either qualify as rape or it wouldn't, in which case no abortion is needed). In fact, I find that it is morally consistent with their entire view on the subject and I completely agree with them. If abortion is, in fact, an act of murder, then it makes two wrongs out of one. Simply because it is an inconvenience to the woman (however great) is not an acceptable excuse. In fact, if abortion truly is murder, then the only acceptable circumstance is a case where the life of the mother or child (or both) is in jeopardy.

On top of this, if abortion is murder, then not only should it be illegal, but it should be punishable as first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, warranting the death penalty that pro-life activists love so much. It is completely inconsistent to consider the child/fetus a victim except in certain circumstances completely beyond its own control.

When I see a pro-lifer allowing abortions in cases of rape, it tells me that they have not thought critically about the issue. It may be a step in the right direction, but it is still an inconsistent and illogical position.

Of course, I don't consider abortion to be murder. That needs to be made clear. And if it isn't murder, then abortion should be legal and safe and affordable to anyone, regardless of the circumstances of conception.

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