Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Animals are my friends

I have been so busy with the move that I didn't even notice, but I have been a vegetarian for over two months now! I have cheated a bit, and I am still on the fence... fish is the sticking point for me. I have yet to figure out why fish seem to be okay to eat by many vegetarians. Perhaps it only applies to the healthy vegetarians (that is, those who take their vegetarianism from a health perspective) and not to moral vegetarians.

Nevertheless, as a moral vegetarian (65% moral / 35% health) I am still not sure about what to do with fish. A part of me says that it is probably okay, but another rejects that because of the fairly obvious hypocracy of that position. And then another part says that, while it may be wrong (in my view) to eat fish, it is okay to do it every now and then. This isn't a religion, after all. Maybe the occasional slip up is necessary to keep me from being too self-righteous. And if I have to slip, what healthier way than with the occasional sushi roll?

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The Five Thinkers said...

I've been criticized for eating fish and calling myself a vegetarian to but it's just easier to say "I'm a vegetarian." than "I don't eat any meat, except fish." My kids don't eat meat, but I do give them fish sticks every once in a while. They aren't fans of beans and other lentils so I have to get the extra protein in when I can, besides the omega3's are good for them. I have only recently given up eating salmon and seafood. I don't want to eat it anymore. It took 4 years to get to that point though. So don't worry about it. Call yourself whatever you want. I think the technical term is a pescatarian, but no one is going to know what that is, so vegetarian is fine!