Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Friends in a time of crisis

Winston Churchill has a famous quote about age and political philosophy. It made sense to me and I always just assumed it was essentially true. So I was surprised to find that, as I age, I have drifted further and further to the left. It is an awkward place for me to be because I am far, far left of the current liberal political establishment - so much so that, although Republicans and Democrats are certainly not identical, I think of Democrats as the legitimate conservative party (Republicans are just pure fascist evil).

So to keep my head on straight, to keep myself from feeling lost and adrift in a sea of conservatives, I have found a bundle of podcasts that help me cope. I highly recommend these to everyone.

Best of the Left
The Young Turks (it may be best to just go to their YouTube page)
Citizen Radio (this page opens with music, which I find pretty obnoxious. Subscribe to them on iTunes)
Reasonable Doubts

I'm sure that there are more progressive blogs and podcasts that you all enjoy. Please share them with me and I will post all of these things on a sidebar (coming soon).

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